The Necessity of Retention Pond Maintenance in Buckley

retention pond maintenance buckleyThe ability of a retention pond to direct the movement of water depends on how well it’s maintained. Does your city or company have a routine retention pond maintenance plan in place? Learn how to keep this essential system in peak operating condition.

Install Native Plants

Install plenty of native plants. The presence of the vegetation can offset erosion and keep pollutants from entering the water. Plant grass in sloped areas and incorporate plants that thrive in high-moisture environments. As a bonus, the plants also add cosmetic value to the property premises.

Prevent Soil Compaction

Compacted soil cannot optimally absorb water. This leads to the majority of the water entering the retention pond and potentially causing an overflow. Prevent soil compaction by aerating the soil at least once a year. Aeration also enhances nutrient absorption.

Clear Debris

Have a gardener, landscaper, or custodian regularly go out into the retention pond and remove any nearby man-made garbage. Trash can cause contamination; it can also get into the basin or inflow and outflow pipes, causing a backup.

Avoid Trees and Shrubs

Refrain from planting any trees or large shrubs near the retention pond. Consider removing trees that are presently near the site. The deep roots can extend and damage or uproot the piping and other underground utilities

Maintain the Grass

Mow often but raise the blade so you don’t scalp the slope and cause an erosion. Be sure grassy areas leading to the pond are clear so they receive ample sunlight. Also, remove weeds since they compete for nutrient absorption.

Let Us Help with Retention Pond Maintenance in Buckley

Need to install a retention pond or upgrade an existing structure? Contact the experts at Nordvind Company for a fast and expedient response. Our crew performs retention pond maintenance as a part of its civil construction service.

Expert Retention Pond Maintenance for Buckley

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