3 Most Common Sewer Cleaning Methods in Auburn

sewer cleaning auburnA clean sewer is the key to solid performance and uninterrupted service for your home or business. When pipes get clogged or foreign objects make their way into them, you could end up with a lot of problems that can be incredibly unpleasant and costly. Knowing some of the most common sewer cleaning methods can help you decide which one is right for you and your system. 


Perhaps the most common method for cleaning a sewer system is hydraulic. This method uses pressurized air and water to clean out pipes and make sure they’re free of blockages. The jetting system blasts debris away and clears out the pipes so you can be sure your sewer is running properly and efficiently. 


If the buildup in your pipes is more stubborn, a mechanical solution may be necessary. With this method, capsules or flexible metal rods can be inserted into the system to clear out any blockages. This is also the preferred method for larger pipes that might not respond as well to hydraulic cleaning. 


In some cases, chemical sewer cleaning will be your best option for clearing out blockages. This is a less common method than some of the others due to the strict safety standards that must be adhered to. However, they can be very effective and safe if done properly by a technician who understands the process. 

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