Benefits of Using Septic Risers for Residential & Commercial Septic Systems in Western Washington

Over 30 Years of Dependable Septic Service and Tank Pumping in North Pierce & South King CountiesIf your septic system doesn’t already have one, consider the benefits of using septic risers in the Puget Sound area. This seemingly minor addition can make a big difference when it comes to system pumping and maintenance.

Septic Risers Explained

Septic risers are vertical ports made from plastic, concrete, or fiberglass that rise several inches above ground level and make locating and accessing the septic tank easy. Without risers, tank access is flush with the ground and often becomes buried beneath the soil, making it difficult to locate.

Septic Risers Save Time

A riser clearly identifies the location of the septic tank opening, making it easy for a technician to pinpoint the tank lid and proceed with pumping or inspection. Without a riser, the technician may have to spend an inordinate time locating the lid and exhuming it. This can especially be problematic in the winter when soil may be frozen.

It’s Inexpensive

Septic risers are available at your local hardware store and cost less than $100. While self-installation is fairly straightforward and is often performed by the property owner, risers can also be quickly installed by your septic technician during a pumping or maintenance visit.

Benefits of Using Septic Risers

A great addition for homes not connected to a sewer line, septic risers make it easier for septic pumping technicians to serve you, keeping costs as low as possible.

Benefits of Using Septic Risers in the Puget Sound Area

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