Causes of a Septic System Leak in Bonney Lake

septic system leak bonney lakeSeptic systems contain multiple pipes extending from your home to the tank located beneath the drain field outdoors. With pipes come the risk of a leak. How do you identify a septic system leak and the causes behind it?

Cleaning Product Use

Septic tanks rely on good bacteria for breaking down natural solid waste. Over-reliance on chemical-based cleaning products can kill the bacteria, leading to solid waste buildup over time. This accumulation can overwhelm the system, causing an eventual leak. We strongly advise homeowners to use only natural septic cleaners.

Damaged Pipe

As mentioned, septic systems contain multiple pipelines. Any one of these can be damaged through a number of factors, such as:

  • Penetration from tree roots
  • Excess weight from driving over the drain field
  • Ignoring regular septic system pumping intervals

How to Detect a Septic System Leak in Bonney Lake

There are telltale signs that a leakage may be lurking within your system. Contact septic system maintenance personnel if you spot any of the following:

  • A strong odor in the drain field. The smell resembles that of rotting sewage. This is an indicator of black water and can be a serious sanitation issue.
  • Unusual vegetation growth. This is due to a leak leading to increased water exposure for grass and shrub roots.
  • Lingering standing water. This manifests in the form of ponding water in the drain field, which feels mushy when stepped over.
  • Slow drainage. The sink and shower drains as well as the toilet may take longer than usual to fully drain. 

Let Us Restore Your Septic System

A septic system leak warrants a response from a professional sewer service. If you notice the signs of septic trouble, give Nordvind Company a call to arrange a visit. We’ll help restore the health and optimal function of your system.

Septic System Leak Detection and Repair in Bonney Lake

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When to Hire Demolition Services in Auburn

demolition services auburnWhen are you in need of demolition services in the Auburn area? This may seem fairly straightforward; you need the service whenever you have a building that needs to be demolished. Unbeknownst to most folks, though, demolition work is also utilized in other applications. 

Swimming Pool Removal

Demolition work is done to remove an existing swimming pool. This is often done by homeowners who wish to remove an existing swimming pool to create new space for a patio or lawn. This is quite common among homeowners who no longer wish to put up with the maintenance associated with a swimming pool. It’s also requested by new homeowners who purchased a home with an unwanted swimming pool.

Home Addition

Contrary to popular belief, demolition doesn’t always entail demolishing an entire building. Sometimes, only a portion of the building needs to be torn down in order to facilitate expansion. This is often the case when expanding commercial buildings or apartment complexes.

Patio Renovation

A portion of the patio or land containing concrete floors may need to be demolished before remodeling work may be done. Land owners may do this when renovating the land, perhaps from concrete to grassy turf, re-sloping the land for drainage purposes or to install an underground drain.

Driveway Renovation

Like patios, driveways may be demolished to make the space viable for repaving with new asphalt or gravel. This could be done to enlarge the driveway, or to reduce the size to make more space for a front lawn.

We Provide Prompt Demolition Services in Auburn

Do you need demolition services for your residential or commercial property? Contact us at Nordvind Company; we routinely perform this type of work for cities and private residents. It’s part of our service that also includes various civil and marine construction work. We’ve also been industry leaders in septic & sewer services for over 30 years!

Industry-Standard Demolition Services in Auburn 

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Benefits of Using Septic Risers for Residential & Commercial Septic Systems in Western Washington

Over 30 Years of Dependable Septic Service and Tank Pumping in North Pierce & South King CountiesIf your septic system doesn’t already have one, consider the benefits of using septic risers in the Puget Sound area. This seemingly minor addition can make a big difference when it comes to system pumping and maintenance.

Septic Risers Explained

Septic risers are vertical ports made from plastic, concrete, or fiberglass that rise several inches above ground level and make locating and accessing the septic tank easy. Without risers, tank access is flush with the ground and often becomes buried beneath the soil, making it difficult to locate.

Septic Risers Save Time

A riser clearly identifies the location of the septic tank opening, making it easy for a technician to pinpoint the tank lid and proceed with pumping or inspection. Without a riser, the technician may have to spend an inordinate time locating the lid and exhuming it. This can especially be problematic in the winter when soil may be frozen.

It’s Inexpensive

Septic risers are available at your local hardware store and cost less than $100. While self-installation is fairly straightforward and is often performed by the property owner, risers can also be quickly installed by your septic technician during a pumping or maintenance visit.

Benefits of Using Septic Risers

A great addition for homes not connected to a sewer line, septic risers make it easier for septic pumping technicians to serve you, keeping costs as low as possible.

Benefits of Using Septic Risers in the Puget Sound Area

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