Expert Demolition Service in Western Washington for Over 30 Years

Demolition can range from low-tech residential razing to very exacting tear-down of municipal structures with the involvement of significant safety and environmental protocols. From dilapidated homes to impaired highway bridges, Nordvind Company’s demolition service efficiently demolishes even the most complex and sizeable structures. We also handle all hauling, dumping and hazardous material handling in accordance with state and federal law.

Expert Demolition Service in Western Washington │ Nordvind Company

Experienced Demolition Service

Our demolition service starts with an assessment of the structure and area, followed by a written project summary that includes a cost and project duration estimate. Although there can be exceptions to every rule, we pride ourselves on our customers’ ability to depend on our estimates.

Homes & apartment complexes
Commercial buildings
Patios, walkways & driveways
Parking lots
Barns & rural structures
Swimming pools
Concrete & asphalt roadways
Marine structures

Site Clearing

Prior to demolition, we scout the structure and property to collect materials that can be salvaged, including furnishings, insulation, lighting, copper wiring, etc. This includes underground utility materials that can be recycled according to strict regulatory handling procedures.

From roads to buildings to virtually any other kind of improvement, our expert demolition service is ready to tear down and haul away the old to make way for the new.

Disposal and Hauling

Immediately following demolition, we go to work removing and disposing of debris. Carefully evaluating materials for those requiring special handling protocols, we ensure disposal presents no danger to humans, wildlife or the environment.

Concrete, stone & brick
Porcelain & tile
Wood & laminates
Piping & Metals
Lamp ballasts and HID bulbs
Lead paint
Mercury-containing equipment
PCB caulking

Expert Demolition Service in Western Washington

Expert demolition requires a professional team that can ensure public, crew and environmental safety. If you need to clear a property, see why so many local municipalities and property owners call us for demolition services. Contact our experienced team to schedule a consultation.

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