Over 30 Years of Expert Sewer Line Repair & Drain Cleaning in North Pierce & South King Counties

It’s a dirty job, but someone has to do it. If your home or business is in need of sewer line repair or drain cleaning, call the experts at Nordvind Company to re-establish smooth wastewater flow fast. We do everything from drain cleaning to municipal sewer system installation, making us your go-to team for clearing obstructions or repairing lines quickly. With a focus on minimum property disruption and affordable pricing, we work to make sure the job is done quickly and easily. 

Side Sewer Line Repair & Installs

Side sewer lines, also known as private sewer laterals, are the pipes that carry wastewater from a home or business to the main public sewer line. When these become damaged or clogged, we deploy a CCTV video camera down the line to pinpoint blockages or breakages. If the line is just clogged, which is the most common residential sewer line problem, we’ll either use a rooter auger or hydro-jet water drill to quickly clear it. If we find the line has been broken by tree roots, soil compaction or excessive pressure, we can perform prompt pipe repair using an advanced hydro-excavation technique to clear the soil and perform the repair with minimal disruption to your yard and without damaging nearby utilities.

Clogged Drain Cleaning

Our residential, commercial and municipal clogged drain cleaning service is well known throughout Pierce and King Counties. Drain backups cause overflowing of hazardous black water, and our drain snaking or hydro-jetting quickly removes clogs without damaging pipes. Our services can also include emptying catch basins, storm drains, French drains and any other subsurface drainage system.

Storm Drain Clean-Up & Maintenance

Storm maintenance is a preventative measure to ensure public and private drainage systems are adequate to handle the flooding that often accompanies a storm. If you’re unsure about your system’s capability, we’re happy to provide an inspection and make any needed recommendations. Following a heavy storm, our heavy-duty vactor truck can remove sludge and large-scale effluent from private drain systems, sidewalk catch basins and industry-scale septic systems. Our vactor has also played a vital role in scenarios like preventing oil spills from entering local waterways.

Need Sewer Line Repair & Drain Cleaning in North Pierce & South King Counties?

Sewer line back-ups and puddling wastewater are major sanitation issues that require immediate remediation, and we provide this city and county-level service. So from preventive inspection and maintenance to complete residential, commercial or city sewer line repair or replacement, contact the pros at Nordvind Company.

Prompt & Affordable Sewer Line Repair & Clogged Drain Cleaning in North Pierce & South King Counties Since 1989

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